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Gary the Snail's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Gary the Snail

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[September 4 2006]

[ mood | happy ]

Thank heavens there's a community on LJ for Gary!

I've started a Facebook group exclusively dedicated to Gary the Snail.

If you've got a Facebook account, just go here: http://loyno.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2204825326 and click join this group on that menu to the right.

The group is called Meow, Said the Mollusk, and it is open to everyone. It's still in its embryotic stages, but I'm hoping it'll flourish. Invite your friends!



I'm ready! [March 16 2006]

[ mood | amused ]

This is such a great idea for a community..I can't believe it doesn't have more members.
I'm new.. so Hello!

Spongebob is one of my favorite shows and I love Gary to pieces.
Some of my favorite Gary moments are when Gary is being thrown into the bathtub by Spongebob and he is in midair over the tub and suddenly disappears with a 'pop' and reappears on the floor. :)
Another is when he keeps reminding Spongebob of how many times he has failed his driver's test.
Then there's the time he roared at Spongebob like a lion to get him to pay attention to him about tying his shoes. :)

There are many more than that.. but that's the first few I thought of.

I like how snails are like cats and worms are like dogs. :) OH then there's the Jellyfish that are like Bees.

My phone wallpaper is Gary..and I definitely need some Gary icons for my lj ;).

The show always cheers me up and makes me laugh.


[December 31 2005]

[ mood | drunk ]

A Gary community! ♥ How cute!
I love snails and I love cats so it's only natural I became a Gary fan. His meowing is so cute, no?
And he's an easy to draw character, so what more could you ask for? XD

Do you own any Gary merchandise?


[September 22 2005]

I became a Spongebob fan recently, and I love Gary! He's adorable! I'm surprised this community doesn't have more members...Gary rocks!


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